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Sarah Hippensteel Hall

Water Professional
Photo of Sarah Hippensteel Hall


Sarah believes that water is a critical element for community health and prosperity and communities who enjoy their rivers are more likely to protect their water. She currently serves as the Manager of Watershed Partnerships for the Miami Conservancy District, a 100-year old watershed agency. She has raised more than $12 million to protect and restore healthy rivers and aquifers, and improve and promote river access and recreation. She graduated from Antioch University in 2010 with a PhD in Leadership and Change. She also teaches undergraduate courses in leadership studies, and resource scarcity and conflict. In 2012 she was presented with a Distinguished Service Award by the Water Management Association of Ohio.

Water: It’s Time to Make it Personal: Water is critical to life and clean water is critical to a healthy life. Unfortunately, we are taking water for granted and allowing it to be wasted and poisoned. Without clean and plentiful water, our health, our environment, and our economy are in jeopardy. How can we make water a priority and take steps that ensure water is here for future generations?