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Chelley Seibert

Citizens’ Advocate
Chelley Seibert


Chelley Seibert is a retired Dayton Police Officer.  Her assignments included Patrol, Crime Prevention, Media, and Academy Instructor.  She has taught Cultural Diversity for 20+ years, and Instructor Skills Development thru the State.  Chelley was the first female in Dayton to be awarded the Top Firearms Award and was named Dayton’s Officer of the Year in 2011. Chelley has a Bachelors in Music from Miami University and Master of Education from Wright State.  She has presented locally and nationally in universities, academies, and at the International Law Enforcement Educators Trainers Association (ILEETA). Chelley currently plays in the band Frozen Feet of Dayton, a choir director for Cincinnati’s TRU Choir and a singer/songwriter/keynote speaker in the Positive Music industry.

Behind the Badge: Police-Community Relations has taken a tremendous hit in recent months. With all the negative police stories in the news, it seems impossible to find common ground between law enforcement and the citizens they serve.  This talk explores the root of the issue, how we got there and how to work our way back, one interaction at a time.

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