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Karin VanZant

Life Services Administrator
Karin VanZant


Karin VanZant is Executive Director of Life Services at CareSource and has been charged with building a new division of CareSource that will transition current Medicaid members off of government subsidies into a high-quality life.  Life Services will accomplish this goal through assisting members to build a solid structure of economic and social supports.  Prior to joining CareSource, Karin was the co-founder and Executive Director of Think Tank, Inc where she assisted the team to live out the mission of equipping and facilitating collaboration among people seeking ways to promote greater connectedness and a more thriving community.  Karin has a MPA in Public Administration and a BA in Social Work from Wright State University.

Re-think Poverty – Why we should take a closer look at poverty in America: Poverty is defined by the federal government and is used in making decisions about who is poor and who isn’t.  This talk explores the complexities of poverty and offers a new definition and way of thinking about the life of a subsidized individual in a way that gives hope that we as a society can, in fact, have a positive impact in our community.

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