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TEDxDayton Signature Event

The 7th annual TEDxDayton 2019 Signature Event will take place on Friday, October 11 at the Victoria Theatre in downtown Dayton, OH. The theme for this year’s signature event is “CONNECT.” Tickets will go on sale mid-year.

TEDxDayton’s mission is to bring the spirit of ideas worth spreading to deep conversation and connections within the community. The event will feature TED’s signature format of brief talks, demonstrations and performances meant to inspire learning and curiosity while encouraging meaningful conversation.


Auditions Begin Soon!

Applications for the 2019 TEDxDayton Signature Event have closed and selected candidates have been invited to auditions.

With nearly 200 applicants this year, our Speakers Committee had to make difficult decisions to narrow the field of potential speakers. If you were not chosen for an audition, we encourage you to apply again next year and we hope you’ll join us for the big event on October 11th.

Photo by Knack Creative.


Photo by Knack Creative.
Photo by Knack Creative.

TED suggests the following seven types of talks:

The big idea

The talks that make one or two very strong points, and it’s important. Examples: Bryan StevensonOnora O’NeillChimamanda Ngozi Adichie

The tech demo

An onstage look at some clever new invention that the speaker was a part of creating. Examples: Tan LeMarkus FischerRaffaello D’Andrea

The performance

Music, dance, magic, puppetry, or some other performance to captivate your audience. Examples: Usman Riaz + Preston ReedArthur BenjaminPilobolus

The artist’s statement

In these talks, artists showcase their art and explain the meaning and process behind what they create. Examples: Raghava KKLiu BolinAparna Rao

The “dazzle with wonder”

These talks are mainly about the amazement of science and discovery. Examples: Yoav Medan, Marcus ByrneJanna Levin

The small idea

These talks are not about one big, world-changing idea, but instead a very engaging take on an interesting topic. Examples: Mary RoachJoe SmithCharlie Todd

The “issue” talk

These talks expose your audience to an issue that they may not otherwise know much about. Examples: Rodrigo CanalesLawrence LessigRose George