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2014 Signature Event

TEDxDayton 2014 Speakers and Performers

Mark Bailey

Beck Besecker

Ben Callahan

Shari Cooper

Justin de Leon

Lisa Holmes

Jackie Janning-Lask

Dan Krane

Sierra Leone

Stephen & Joel Levinson

Colleen McCulla

Scott McGohan

Tony Ortiz

Brian Raison

Richard Reynolds

Toniya Singh

The Stivers School for the Arts Jazz Orchestra

The Stivers School for the Arts Painters

Catalleya Storm

Ron Storm


Speaker Title Video status
Mark Bailey Hybrid Amusement Parks Live on YouTube
Shari Cooper Are You OK With Yourself? Live on YouTube
Lisa Holmes Prisoner of Shame Live on YouTube
Beck Besecker Seeing Our Next Reality Live on YouTube
Ben Callahan Creating Something Timeless Live on YouTube
Justin de Leon Recreating the American Dream Live on YouTube
Jackie Janning-Lask The 7 Janning Steps to Innovation Live on YouTube
Dan Krane Exploring Bias in Forensic DNA Profiling Live on YouTube
Brian Raison Be a Local Food Super Hero Live on YouTube
Colleen McCulla The Power of Intention Live on YouTube
Stephen & Joel Levinson Successful Collaboration Live on YouTube
Sierra Leone Katrina 2031 Live on YouTube
Tony Ortiz El Futuro de Dayton Live on YouTube
Scott McGohan From the Outside, In Live on YouTube
Ron Storm Do I Have to be a Jerk to Win? Live on YouTube
Richard Reynolds The 1% Live on YouTube
Shaun Yu Embracing My Driveway Moment Live on YouTube
Alanna Wall Glitter Makes Everything Better Live on YouTube
Catalleya Storm Human Trafficking: Stop the Silence Live on YouTube
Toniya Singh An Alien Experience Live on YouTube
World House Choir 2014 Performance Live on YouTube
Eleventh Hour  2014 Performance  Live on YouTube
Cameron Heaps ErratiC  2014 Performance  Live on YouTube
5th Element Crew  2014 Performance  Live on YouTube

TEDxDayton 2014 Images

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Committee Members

TEDxDayton is a volunteer lead group. The one-day event takes hundreds and hundreds of hours by dozens of people to make it possible. The following is a list of the committee members and volunteers who worked on this year’s event!
To everyone who helped to make TEDxDayton 2014 possible – we say Thank You!

Sean Creighton
Official License Holder, Co-Chair

Stephanie Gottschlich
2014 Co-Chair

Larry Klaben
Initial Convener – Thought Leadership

Audience Committee
John Owen, Audience Experience Chair
Brad Roediger, Audience Experience Co-Chair
Sarah Ammar
Candace Dalmagne-Rouge
Laura Estandia
Cittie Myers
Carol Narigon
Michelle Hart
Erin Poppaw
Monika Werling

Speakers Committee
Rachel Graves, Speakers Chair
Ron Rollins, Speakers Co-Chair
Michelle Arostegui
Peter Bolmida
John Farrell
Kimberly Federle
Mary Hoosier
Marilyn Klaben
Thomas Lasley
Greg Meredith
Danna Plewe

Marketing Committee
Alexis Larsen, Marketing Chair
Craig Schrolucke, Marketing Chair
Val Beerbower
Nick Hrkman

Sponsorship Committee
Rob Rohr, Sponsorship Co-Chair
Robert Sweeney, Sponsorship Co-Chair
Sean Creighton
Larry Klaben

Program Committee
Diane Farrell, Program Chair
Randy Cech
Dillon Leon
Casie Morris
Lindsay Woodruff

Volunteer Committee
Kristen Parks, Volunteer Chair
Caitlin Lewis, Volunteer Co-Chair
Kyle Rogers
Vanessa Rogers

Presenting Partner

Wright Patt Credit Union TEDxDayton

Underwriting Partners


Patron Partners


Media Partners


In-kind Partners