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Videos of each talk will be available after the new year. Recording and/or distribution of TEDxDayton 2020, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited. For media inquiries, contact

Thank you for attending all four days of TEDxDayton 2020! In this time of having to stay farther apart and adapting to the new norm, we wanted to bring all of us together once again with TEDxDayton 2020 – a gift from us to you, our amazing Dayton community. We hope you enjoyed our first, virtual event and were inspired by our incredible speakers and performers. Virtual or in-person, we hope to see you again at one of our future events!


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We are so excited to bring you TEDxDayton 2020; our gift to the Dayton community.  Donations are not required, but we appreciate any and all support. Enjoy!

– TEDxDayton Organizers