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TEDxDayton is an all-day event on a work day. If you need to request a day off work to participate in the event, please see our letters explaining the nature of the event. We’ve created two versions. Only you know your boss so choose wisely.  Our straight-laced version is geared toward the boss the likes the facts and includes info about the event and the benefits of attending the inaugural version of TEDxDayton. The informal and saucy version is perfect for the boss that has a great sense of humor and is sure to be impressed by the time and effort you put in the request for the day off. Both versions are in Word so you can download a copy, personalize it  and present it to your employer to assist you in your attempt to attend the event. If your employer offers time off work for community service and professional networking, this event may count toward those hours.

Download a version of our request to attend TEDxDayton’s inaugural event.

[ilink url=”” style=”download”]Straight Laced Work letter[/ilink] [ilink url=”” style=”download”]Informal and Saucy[/ilink]