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Jackie Janning-Lask

Jackie Janning-Lask


Jackie Janning-Lask grew up with a lab in the basement, the youngest child of Ohio inventor John Janning.  Graduate of Beavercreek High School, going on to earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Wright State in Systems Engineering, she turned down an opportunity to work with nuclear reactor displays in Chicago to take on the more “intriguing” work of Wright Patterson Air Force Base working with aircrew simulators and the unlimited virtual skies they offered.  In 2004, she earned a second master’s degree from MIT through a Sloan fellowship.  Over the course of her exception career, she has had the privilege to work with cutting-edge technology and brilliant people, which has sustained her passion for what she does.  She believes the lessons she learned at her father’s knee have been key to her success in many ways. She lives in Beavercreek with husband, Joe, and collectively they parent 5 girls, high school through college.

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