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Jay Martinez

Spoken Word Artist
Jay Martinez


A spoken word artist, host and youth advocate, Jay is a native of Newark, N.J., where he engaged in constant rap freestyle cyphers. When he attended Wilberforce University, he witnessed his first open mic poetry set and fell in love with the spoken word. Now, he takes his struggles and eloquently recites them with a gritty, intelligent flow. The development of his fast-paced, didactic style stems from his hip-hop influences. Jay also self-published a book entitled An Orators Declamation of the Ghetto and a CD titled Universal Language. When he is not performing throughout the country, he hosts two shows in Dayton: Lyrical Lounge open mic at Delish Café and the Metaphorically Speaking slam poetry competition at Therapy Cafe. Jay has organized events for a Dayton City Commissioner, the program director of the Salvation Army’s Kroc Center and the Parity Inc. youth group — all in the name of community uplift and awareness through poetry. He’s was part of the award-winning video Playing For Change/Where There Is Love, which has received global recognition. He also won best up-and-coming artist at the 2013 Cincinnati Poetry Awards.

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