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Judith Ezekiel

Judith Ezekiel


Who is Judith? She grew up in Dayton View, spent 35 years in France and currently is the visiting Women’s Studies professor at Wright State University from the Université de Toulouse. Judith has published extensively on the women’s movements in the United States and France, (Feminism in the Heartland), comparative race and ethnicities, and Franco-American, (mis)representations. She is the founding editor of la revue d´en face and The European Journal of Women’s Studies, and she co-founded the French, European and international Women’s Studies associations and the first French women-of-color research group, Race et Genre. Judith has long been politically active, from the anti-Vietnam War and the women’s movements to labor organizing and anti-racist groups. A charter member of the ConseilRépresentatif des Associations Noires, she serves on the Toulouse’s Observatory on Discrimination and the Yellow Springs 365 Project.

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