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Julie L. Williams and Steven Kniffley

Clinical Psychologist
Julie L. Williams


Dr. Julie Williams is a professor in the School of Professional Psychology at Wright State University. As a professor of clinical psychology and member of the disability community, she teaches and encourages her doctoral psychology students and colleagues to locate themselves at the source of suffering in society. Julie is known for saying two things to the difficult dialogues around privilege, power and oppression: “speak your truths” and “lean in.” She has received several local and national awards for her work in these areas, particularly the advancement of disability issues. Julie’s mission is to promote inclusion and solidarity.

Child Psychologist
Steven Kniffley


Dr. Steven Kniffley is an assistant professor at Wright State University in the School of Professional Psychology. He is also a board-certified licensed child psychologist in the State of Ohio. Steven’s area of expertise is research and clinical work with Black males. Specifically, his work focuses on understanding and developing culturally appropriate interventions for Black male psychopathology as well as barriers to academic success for this population. Steven has written four books on Black male mental health, Black males and the criminal justice system, and academic achievement.

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