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Tedxdayton 2013

TEDxDayton Hype Event – October 23, 7:00pm at De’Lish Cafe

Our last Hype Event is next Wednesday, Oct. 23, 7:00pm, at De’Lish Cafe downtown Dayton. Join us to learn about why TEDxDayton shouldn’t be missed.

We are hosting this event before TEDxDayton goes live on November 15 so that people can learn more about what TED is and why they should attend.

The purpose of these hype events are two fold:
1. Inform – to let people know what a TED talk is and why they want to be there.

2. Ice Breaker – to make people feel comfortable around new faces so that when they get to the day of, they will be more likely to engage in the days events with less apprehension.